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Friday, August 13, 2010

Easily Entertained

I am currently on my first journey outside of Benin in a year. As if I weren't having enough trouble with the reality of everything already, I watched Inception yesterday. Now I think at any given moment my brain might explode.

I am in Dublin right now, but the journey started out in Paris. I met up with my my cousin under the Eiffel tower and we ate delicious food and spent lots of money. Paris is cool, but really expensive. Dublin is much easier to handle and less expensive.

We're thinking about renting a car and taking it out to Cork or Kinsale tomorrow, we'll see what happens. Also, my good friend met up with us this morning and is here with us in Dublin. Ergo, tonight should be pretty damn fun.

The weirdest thing so far has been how much enjoyment I've found in the most commonplace things. For example, I ride escalators like rides. I still haven't ridden in an elevator, but I'm looking forward to it. It's really nice to have trash cans and consistent internet again.

I do miss the odd conveniences of Benin though, as difficult as that place can be. I miss the convenience of zemidjans and being able to negotiate prices rather than HAVE TO OVERPAY every time I buy a beer. I don't miss having to hand wash my clothes, and it turns out, I really missed laundry machines. My mom will be happy to hear that I bought some new clothes, kinda fashionable ones. So even though they're "new" and "clean" they look just as battered and filthy as my dirt stained pants from a year in Africa. O well.

I like having new music again. I have a lot, but end up listening to the weirder bands because I've listened to my favorites too much.

Anyways, vacation is awesome.


Juan Armenta said...

Hope your trip to the Emeral Isle was happily evenfult, though sans golf course hijinks.

Speaking of sporting news, Roethlisberger's backup, Byron Leftwich, went down in the final pre-season game with a torn MCL. The season for Leftwich is now kaput, which means that a certain Duck will start at least four games for the Black and Gold.

Dennis.chon said...

more updates. More Updates. MORE UPDATES!